How to make a shoutout on Instagram (and buy/sell it on Revenzer)

Hi, and welcome to Revenzer. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to do a Shout Out on Instagram.

You can sell and buy Instagram shoutouts on the Revenzer marketplace. Many brands are requesting shoutouts on Revenzer. Why? Shout-outs are easy to produce, fast and effective. Also, before hiring influencers for a full-scale campaign, many companies prefer to try the influencers with shoutouts and hire the best ones in a second phase. A full-scale campaign often requires sending physical items to tens or hundreds of influencers. Companies prefer to do the first selection with shoutouts, they do not require anything but a simple text and a hashtag usually.

Shoutout, what does it mean?

What is an Instagram shoutout? What is the meaning of “shout out”?

Before showing you an example in an Instagram story, please allow me to give you the definition. Essentially we can define a shoutout as a public endorsement you can give to another user. Practically, companies pay influencers on Revenzer in order to post stories with a colorful background and their hashtag or at-mention.

Instagram shoutout example

Fortunately, there is a build-in function on Instagram to create and share shoutouts. So, let’s check it out!

Instagram Shout out Creator

Log into your Instagram account and go to your story.

Press on create, the Double-A-icon, it should be the first one.
Please keep in mind that Instagram can change or move these elements with the next updates.

Press on the colorful icon on the bottom to change the background. You have several backgrounds. As I said before, companies do that in order to select the influences with which collaborate for full-scale campaigns. So if you are an influencer, you should post an ad on Revenzer and sell also your shoutout promotional services. If you don’t know how to post an ad on Revenzer, click here.

If you simply tap on the screen or if you press on the last double-A icon above, you can add a text.

Don’t worry. If you do some mistake or you change your mind you can always delete or modify the elements.

You can play with the color, size, and position. I am going to write: “Revenzer, the place where influencers and brands can grow together“.

Using these features is funny and intuitive. I don’t want to spoiler you that, so try it out with your own hands!

Swipe to your right, and you have variants of your background. I actually just discover them doing this video! Now, let’s back to business, and let’s see the most important thing of all!

Add the hashtag or at-mention

Press on the icon with the smile. Here you have a lot of built-in options. You can promote a specific hashtag, or mention a specific user. These two are the most common feature requested by companies on Revenzer. But you can also promote a specific location, set a countdown, make a question or a quiz, or ask for donations among many other features.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to see them all. So I will go with a simple hashtag.

Let me rearrange a bit and before moving to the next video, I would like to show you the last feature.

Draw with your fingers

You can also draw with your fingers. So, press on the serpentine line icon above your screen. I want to draw a simple heart.

Share it as Instagram story

Now that I am ready to share it, I just need to press on “your story” in the bottom left. Done!

You now know how to create and share a shoutout on Instagram! Congratulation! Your next step is to buy or sell this service on Revenzer.

If you are an Instagram influencer, we suggest making a specific ad on Revenzer to sell your shoutouts. Don’t worry, posting an ad on Revenzer is free and you can post as many as you need. Click here and go to our platform:

I am waiting for you in the next article where I will show you how to use Revenzer, the place where brands and influencers can grow together.