How to Optimize Your Revenzer Bio to Sell More: 10 Tips and 5 Things to Not Do

Hi there, and welcome to Revenzer. In this article, we are going to talk specifically about how to improve your bio to make it more appealing for customers and boost your sales.  We will start with 10 best practices and we will finish the video with 5 things that you should not do.

Having a nice bio it’s very important and we can state for sure that it can help your sales. Customers want to buy from people that they know, not from total strangers, and before placing an order, chances are that they will have a look at your bio first.

Video: Write a Bio that Sells

10 Tips to improve your bio

So without further ado, here are 10 things that you can do to optimize your bio for sales:

  1. Simple English
  2. Previous Relevant Experiences
  3. Prize / Recognitions
  4. Skills / Capabilities
  5. Repeat the keywords that a buyer can look for
  6. Focus on Customer Satisfaction
  7. Clear and Decisive
  8. Call to Action – ALWAYS
  9. Emojis
  10. Keep it updated

Use Simple English

Use simple English. Revenzer is an international platform, many of our customers speak English as a second language. So keep your sentences clear and use common words.


After introducing yourself shortly, we advise you to talk about your previous relevant experiences.

Did you already have the chance to promote other brands?
Did you already do collabs with other companies or creators?
Do you have experience with the Amazon Influencer and Affiliate Programs?
Write that at the beginning of your bio.

Prizes, Awards, or Social Recognition

Many of our influencers are models or creators.

Did you ever win any contests?
Did YouTube reward you with the silver button?
Don’t forget to write it down.

Skills or Capabilities

Many of our influencers are also extremely creative artists. So if you have any particular skill, make sure to highlight it in your bio.

If you don’t know what to write, you can simply insert the social media on which you are operating, and the number of followers that you have.


Insert some of the buzzy keywords that our customers are commonly looking for. Engagement rate, shoutout, Amazon Influencer Program, giveaway, collab. They are all examples of very commonly used buzzwords that you can insert in your bio.

Focus on the Customer

Now my second favorite point. Focus on customer satisfaction. You can write sentences like; “feel free to text me“; or, “send me a DM, I am always available for you“.

As you have good reviews, you can write: “look at my review average, all my customers were happy to work with me“.

Decisive and Clear

Be clear and decisive in your bio.
So, “I hope to help you“, becomes “I will help you“.
I would like to work with you“, becomes “I will promote your brand“.
I can try to …“, becomes “I will do …

Call to Action

Every bio, must finish with a call to action. This is my favorite point because is the one that can impact the most on sales. So every bio must finish with something like:

  • [Buy Now] 🔥 Buy my services today and I will promote you 🔥
  • [Buy Now] Let me promote your brand, hire me now! 👍
  • [Buy Now] Place and order today and I will promote you to my fans ☝🏽
  • [Contact me] You just finished reading my bio, so text me right now, and let’s work together! 💪 💪 💪
  • [Contact me] Still unsure? 🤷 Text me now and let’s see what I can do for you ❤️❤️
  • [Buy Now + Pressure] Buy now 💥 before your competitor does 💥

Call to action like these ones, can make the difference.


Make good use of the emojis. Not only emojis can highlight the most important parts of the text but they add a bit of color to your bio. So, why don’t put some hearts or some money bags in your bio?

Update it

Finally. Keep your bio updated. As you progress with your influencer career do not forget to add new important experiences. In general, as you see that you have room for improvements, do not waste your time and improve your bio.

A Good Example

Let’s see an example of a good bio. First, we will have a quick look. after it, we will analyze it better.


After a small intro, she talks about her job, her awards, and her experiences. She used a decisive statement; I will promote you to my fans. She didn’t write, I would like to promote you. She was more decisive. She continued with her numbers on social media, using a buzzword (engagement rate). She reinsured the customers, telling them to feel free to contact her.

She finished her bio with a call to action, hire me now, and put another buzzword in the text. Also, as you can see, she used a lot of emojis.

5 things to not do

Now let’s talk about things that you should not do.

  1. Do not over-promise.
    Make only promises that you are sure to be able to fulfill with ease.
  2. Don’t write that you promote everything for money unless you want to look like a very unprofessional mercenary.
  3. Don’t be too formal.
    You are not in a corporate job, you are more in the creative industry so do not bother too much with formalities, which do not go so well with emojis.
  4. Do not copy the bio of somebody else.
    This is a fantastic opportunity to talk about yourself, don’t waste it.
  5. Don’t leave it blank, of course.

That’s it for today. See you in the next article where I will show you how to use Revenzer, the marketplace where influencers and brands can grow together.