Improve Your Ad Descriptions and Get More Customers

Hi there, and welcome to Revenzer. In today’s article, we are going to talk about descriptions for your ads.

On Revenzer you can set an extensive description of your ad, a short description for the packages and add-ons that you want to sell, and you can describe yourself in your bio. We already made an article about bios and we encourage you to watch it (link). In today’s article, we are going to focus only on the ad descriptions.

Watch the video: Descriptions that Sells

The most important point here is clarity. You must be very clear about what services you are selling, and who you are.

If customers don’t understand immediately and easily what you are selling, you will not sell.

Be clear in your ad description

  • Use simple English and don’t be afraid to go deep into details.
  • We strongly suggest that you have a FAQ section on your ads where you address all the most common questions about your service. Keep this section updated. It can both give you more sales and save your time replying to messages.
  • State clearly what you need from your customer to proceed with the order.
  • State clearly what you are offering. Are you selling posts, pictures, shoutouts, videos? are they short videos that you will post on TikTok or as Instagram stories? or are they going to be 10 or 15 minutes videos for YouTube? Be extremely clear about what you sell. If you are not clear on this point, customers will never buy from you.
  • If you don’t want to advertise specific types of brands or content, like betting, casinos, and adult websites, we strongly suggest that you specify that in all your ads.
  • Tell to your customers to get in touch with you if they have any questions. We strongly suggest that you handle all your messages and custom offers inside Revenzer.
  • Don’t forget to use and repeat a call to action in your text. We suggest that you highlight your call to action using emojis. After explaining clearly why they should buy, after explaining clearly what you are offering, and after addressing the most common doubts. If you tell them to buy now from you, chances are that customers will buy from you. Therefore, don’t be afraid to use a call to action like the ones displayed here. 

Description for your Packages and Add-ons

Now, let’s talk about packages and add-ons. Here on Revenzer, you can set only two packages, basic and premium, and you can set several add-ons on your ads. Each of these elements deserves a name, a price, and a description.

We suggest short and very clear names for your packages and add-ons, you set the price at your will; and about the description, don’t leave it blank!

Instagram Posts

Keep the descriptions short and clear. Here are some examples that might help you.


Look how clear is this example. 1 post for 100 euros. “I will publish 1 post on my IG 20k within 5 days“.

3 posts for 275 euros (there is a little discount here). “I will publish 3 posts on my IG 20k within 2 weeks“.

As add-on, we have: fast delivery for 75 euros. “I will publish 1 post within 24 hours – in case you want 3 posts, the other 2 posts will be published within 1 week“.

All three names are clear and give no room for interpretation. We can easily understand what the customer can buy, we also can easily understand the quantity and the time involved. We clearly understand the social media platform and how many followers the influencer has. Also, all values are written in numbers and not in letters, make it extra clear. All these descriptions are short and clear.

If yours are not so straightforward, you now know to have something to improve in your ads.

YouTube videos

We show how to sell posts on Instagram, let’s see how you should do for your YouTube videos with another example.


Basic pack with 1 unboxing video. “1 unboxing video, from 5 to 10 minutes length, 1 week to deliver, YouTube 82k“.

Premium pack with one unboxing and one review video. “1 unboxing, 5 to 10 minutes, plus 1 review video, around 15 minutes, 2 weeks to deliver, YouTube 82k“.

We also have the commercial rights as add-on.”You can use my content on your website, socials, marketing materials, or commercials for sales, advertising, and marketing purposes. Without this, you don’t have the right to use my videos or part of them for these purposes“.

Again. Here it is instantly clear that we are buying videos. We actually get instantly what kind of videos we can buy, and we easily can understand roughly their length in minutes (feature), how long the Youtuber will take to get the job done in both cases. We can also clearly understand the platform and the number of followers.

While the description of the commercial right is cleverly stating what happens if you buy the commercial rights and remarking that point stating what happens if you don’t buy the commercial rights, just to be extra clear.

Few Tips for Packages and Add-on Descriptions

So, we have some tips about descriptions of packages and add-ons.

If you leave these fields blank, most probably customers will never buy from you.

  • Specify clearly what you are selling. Are you selling posts, pictures, articles, videos, links? State it clearly and give no room for interpretations or doubts.
  • Specify the quantities clearly and in numbers. 1 post, 2 posts, 3 posts.
  • Specify how long you will take to get the job done. 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks? The customer must know it straight.
  • Specify any relevant or important feature of your service or content. These are usually qualitative data, we just saw the example of the unboxing and the review videos. They are totally different video formats.
  • In general, do anything to be extra clear and keep the description short. We saw it in the commercial rights example. The final part of the description states what happens if the customer doesn’t buy the commercial rights. The last part can be seen as redundant, but it definitely helps to keep the description extra clear but still short. It leaves from no to little room for interpretation.

That’s it for today. I am sure you now have some descriptions to improve or make extra clear. See you in the next article, where I will show you how to use Revenzer, the marketplace where influencers and brands can grow together.