Common mistakes – Skip this and you will sell much much less!

Hi there, and welcome to Revenzer. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the most common mistakes if you are a seller here on Revenzer. If you want to monetize your social media presence, this article is crucial because it will tell you all things that you must avoid.

We are going to see what you should not do if you want to make money with us and improve your sales. Also, I am going to give you a checklist at the end of the article to make sure that you cannot do mistakes.

Not specifying the number of followers in the title

If you don’t specify how many people are following you, chances are that your ad will not be interesting for companies and brands that are looking for influencers inside Revenzer.

So we strongly encourage you to write the number of followers that are following you. You can abbreviate using “K” for thousands, and “M” for millions of followers. It will surely help customers that are browsing on Revenzer to evaluate you better.

Not specifying the platform in the title

Another common mistake is not specifying the social media platform in the title. You can abbreviate Instagram with IG, YouTube with YT, and Facebook with FB. So reading the title, a customer can understand instantly how many followers you have and on which platform, and that would be very helpful.

Publishing just one ad

That leads us to the next common mistake. Many influencers just put 1 single ad! Although many influencers operate on more than one platform, they make often the mistake to just create one single ad on Revenzer.

Posting ads on Revenzer is free! If you operate on more than one social media platform you should post at least one ad per platform. There are also several formats of services that you can sell on one social media platform. You can have a look here to know what you can sell on Revenzer.

So if you operate on both, Instagram and TikTok, you should publish one ad for Instagram and another for TikTok. The same if you have an Instagram account and a YouTube channel as well, or a YouTube channel and a blog.

This is simple maths. The more ads you have, the more you increase the likelihood to find a customer. On the other hand, the more ads you have, the more you confuse the customer, so you should keep this number small and make one ad for every well-defined service that you sell.

If you try to sell promotional services on both Instagram and TikTok using the very same ad, most probably you will lose visibility. Currently, on Revenzer you can set only one platform per ad, and customers use the research filters, so if you have only one ad for both TikTok and Instagram, you will be surely filter out.


So, since ads on Revenzer are free, post at least one ad per platform! Also, within the same platform, you can sell several different services. Let’s take Instagram as an example. If you work on Instagram you can sell promotional posts, videos, stories, shoutouts which are basically colorful background stories with a hashtag, and link in the bio. If you operate on YouTube you can sell a mention at the beginning or at the end of a video, an interview, make a dedicated video like a product review, or a tutorial, or an unboxing. As you see there are a lot of formats that you can sell. Click here for more ideas.

Most probably you can join the Amazon Influencer Program, which is different, although similar, from the Amazon Affiliate Program. You can charge your customer just for adding their items on your Amazon Influencer Page, plus of course, cashing in sales commissions from Amazon as usual.

So as you can see, you can sell a large variety of marketing and promotional services, even if you operate within just one social media. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to just one ad on Revenzer.

Each format might deserve a specific ad, or it can be sold in the premium package or as an add-on. You are free to choose, just remember, the more ads you have, the more you increase the probability to be found by a customer and therefore increase your sales.

No or ambiguous descriptions

Another common mistake is to have a very short, ambiguous, or not detailed description. Confused customers do not buy, and you invested a lot of time after your social media profile. So makes perfect sense to invest a bit of extra time in order to write down a very effective, clear, and detailed description of the service that you want to offer. A good description is crucial for your sales and if you don’t have a good description, you will simply never sell anything. Unfortunately, this is a very common mistake, and we are going to address it in a dedicated video.

On Revenzer you can offer the standard pack and the premium pack. A common mistake is to not write down any description here. Or to write down an insufficient one. Again, confused customers do not buy, and after all the time that you invested in your social media presence made no sense to overlook this so crucial factor for your sales. So make sure to write down a short and clear description for both standard, and premium packages. Click here for some premium pack ideas.

Also, on Revenzer you can sell add-ons. For example, you can charge an extra to give the right to use your content on a video commercial or website, or you can charge an extra for fast delivery in one working day. A common mistake is to totally forget about this incredible source of extra income or again to simply not write a clear description of the add-ons that you want to offer. Click here for some add-on ideas.

All categories

If you want to give your account a very unprofessional looking, go on and select all categories available. Instead, if you want to look professional and reliable, select only the most relevant categories. Brands do not want services from influencers that are not specific on particular niches.

Just one picture

A mistake that I still struggle to understand is to post a job with just one picture. The large majority of our influencers do operate on Instagram, so we know for sure that they have a large selection of pictures that can use on the ad. Instead many do not put more than one picture and do not even bother to set a profile picture on Revenzer. Let me tell you that pictures sell more than texts. So try to put more than one picture on your ad and set the profile picture on Revenzer. Click here for some tips about pictures that sell. We are going to talk about which pictures you should use in a dedicated video, and we already did a video about how to set your profile up.

No profile proper set up

Talking about your Revenzer profile, having no profile picture, no bio, no location set and no email confirmed are also common mistakes that will negatively impact your sales. I know it requires time, but once you set your profile, the job is done and it impacts all your activities inside Revenzer. So makes perfect sense to have a profile picture, a nice bio, set your location, and confirm your email address. Click here and go to our article with tips and tricks about how to set a profile that sells.

If you don’t have your location set, chances are that customers will not buy from you. Revenzer is an international company, but our customers operate only within specific geographical regions, and they want to be sure to hire influencers only within specific countries.

If you didn’t confirm your email, chances are that you even never receive our notifications. While bio and profile pictures can talk about your uniqueness, don’t waste away the opportunity to talk about what makes you different from everybody else! Here are our tips on the bio that kills.

All common mistakes

Here is our checklist of things that you must have if you want to sell well on Revenzer:

  1. Number of followers in the title
  2. Social Media Platform in the title
  3. More than just 1 ad
  4. A detailed and clear description
  5. Standard offer, premium offer, and add-ons with a clear description
  6. Only applicable categories selected
  7. More than just one picture per ad
  8. Profile picture
  9. Profile bio
  10. Country specified on the profile
  11. Email address confirmed

Make sure to have all of these points, or at least a large majority of them if you want to sell well on Revenzer.

Wow! We really talked a lot in this article! I am sure you spotted already some point that needs to be improved, I am waiting for you on the next article where I will show you how to use Revenzer, the marketplace where influencers and brands can grow together.