Revenzer and self-promotion

Hi there, and welcome to Revenzer. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the self-promotion of your Revenzer profile and services. Also, we are going to talk about how you can get our special affiliate bonus!

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Amazon Influencer Program – 100% self-promotion only

Before jumping into our program and self-promotion of your Revenzer profile, let’s start with a similar example: the Amazon Influencer Program (link).

Your Amazon Influencer earnings are based only and exclusively on your self-promotion abilities. In this case, the platform, Amazon, will never drive any sales to you. Also, you should not expect that other platforms involved like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and so on, will drive traffic to your Amazon Influencer Page. Driving targeted traffic on your Amazon Influencer Page is your sole responsibility. No other parties involved will ever step in and drive targeted traffic for free to your Amazon Influencer page.

The Amazon Influencer program relies 100% on your own ability to drive visits in target with the products that you have inserted on your Amazon Influencer page. Fortunately for you, Revenzer doesn’t work like the Amazon Influencer Program.

Revenzer and self-promotion

Revenzer will drive traffic in target with your service within the platform itself. It is your responsibility to create nice ads, optimize your profile for sales, and intercept the different types of demand for different influencer marketing services. We already have talked about it in many of our articles. Still, especially if you have zero reviews, we cannot do miracles or obligate our customers to buy from you.

So, especially if you are starting now and you don’t have any review yet, you might look not interesting, or not reliable enough, in the eye of our customers. Or, if you simply want to increase your sales, you might think about self-promoting your own Revenzer profile on your social media.

Whatever the case is, we have several good news if you want to self-promoting your Revenzer profile.

Good news

First of all, it’s as simple as putting an extra link on your Linktree or on your social media profile. Secondly, it’s extremely efficient. Brands and agencies are constantly looking for influencers to expand their brands. Especially if you have an important social media presence, it would be extremely easy for you to end up on the radar of agencies. Normally they contact you privately by email or direct message. Which requires time and effort from both sides. Self-promoting your Revenzer profile, you can save time for both you and them. Companies and brands will be able to see your catalog of marketing services and purchase straight in no time and with no effort.

It will give you a sharp competitive advantage over all those other influencers that are still asking to be contacted in private before discussing their prices. Think about it, an agency needs to run tens of influencer marketing campaigns per month. Which influencer are they going to hire, the one with clear prices on Revenzer or the one that they should contact via Instagram direct message?

Spoiler alert, private companies have so much to do that cannot lose time in an intricated web of messages among several social media platforms, profiles, and emails. Private companies must compete against other private companies, and they must be as efficient as possible. Companies will choose the shortest way and they will hire the influencer linking directly to a Revenzer profile with all services and prices clearly displayed. Where they can also benefit from our buyer protection program. In this case, Revenzer is by far both the fastest and the safest way to hire influencers.

Revenzer Affiliate Program

And now the best news. You can use our affiliate program and benefit from a 10% commission on every sale that you drive for 28 days after the click. It applies to every kind of customer, new or old accounts. Also, the 10% commission applies to all purchases within the platform. So if a customer that clicked on your link purchases your own services, you will get 10% as affiliate commission. If the customer buys services from some other influencers after clicking on your link, you will be compensated for all those purchases. If the customer buys both, from you and from somebody else, you will be compensated for all transactions. Again, Revenzer compensates you regardless if it is a new buyer account or not. 

I must specify that many similar platforms do compensate you only for new customer accounts, but do not compensate you for already registered buyers. It is the case of Fiverr for example, where you are compensated only for new buyer registrations. Here on Revenzer, we do compensate you for driving both, new and old customers on our platform.

Many influencers are afraid to link to Revenzer because agencies and brands can hire not them but somebody else. If you are using our affiliate program you should not worry about it.

You are going to earn anyway. If the customers that you drove to us are buying from other sellers and not from you, you will be compensated anyway as affiliate, without moving a finger! Keep in mind that agencies are our main type of customer, and a normal agency spends thousands of euros per month managing influencer marketing campaigns on the behalf of its clients.

If you are lucky enough to drive an agency on Revenzer, you can end up getting the 10% of whatever they buy on our platform for one entire month. As I said that before, agencies spend thousands of euros per month, and you can easily end up with a good chunk of money without doing anything but just because you set a proper link on your profile. 

Soft self-promotion

Alternatively, if you don’t want to disclose your prices publicly on your social media profile, you can give the link to your Revenzer profile, with your affiliate link, only privately by email or message to brands and agencies that are contacting you for collaborations.

In this way, you will benefit from our affiliate program. They will benefit from our buyer protection program. And your followers will not know your prices.

Cut in a half our fees

Revenzer normally charges 20% fees on your sales. If you decide to use our affiliate program for your self-promotions, we will effectively cut in a half our fees. Although our fees will stay the same, you will earn back 10% as affiliate commissions, effectively giving you only 10% fees on your sales. Plus of course, the bonus of earning from the sales of somebody else.

Few Rare Exeptions

There are only a few exceptional and rare cases where you might not get your affiliate commissions. If the customer clicks on another affiliate link, the last link clicked will give commissions to its affiliate. If the customer changes device or browser; or cleans up the browser’s cookies, we cannot technically guarantee your affiliate commissions. Although these ones are very rare cases, we would like to point them out to you. Needless to say, refunded transactions do not give any affiliate commission.

Step by step

Create your catalog and optimize your account

So, the first thing to do is to publish your ads on Revenzer, and create your nice catalog of marketing and promotional services. We have already talked about it in several other videos. You must set your profile up, and publish few ads, making sure to make them appealing to customers.

Go on “view my profile”

After it, as you are logged in, you can easily access your profile by clicking on your profile icon, scrolling down, and clicking on “View my profile” on the side menu. Here we go, this is your profile with all your ads, your reviews, and info. Copy the above URL, we are going to need it for the next step.

Join our Affiliate Program

Now you need to join our affiliate program. Go to the bottom of the page, and click on “Affiliates”, or click here. If you are already logged in, all fields except the password will be filled up automatically. We strongly suggest that you join our affiliate program with your seller account. Don’t create two different accounts, one seller and one affiliate, you can use just one for both purposes at the same time. It will make things easier for both you and us. Complete the registration and, if you encounter a blank page, just refresh it. It can happen with some browsers. You can press the F5 button on your keyboard, or the refresh button on your browser.

Create your affiliate link

Very well! Now you are logged in as affiliate, and you can see the affiliate panel. From here you can track your affiliate performance, clicks, and earnings. If you scroll down, you can find your affiliate reference code. This code is unique and refers only to your account.

You can add this code after any URL in order to get your affiliate commissions. So you can add this to your own profile URL. Remember, add this portion of code only after the slash.

Share your link

Now you can simply add the link to your Revenzer profile on your Instagram, YouTube, Linktree, email signature, or any other platform you like. If you want, you can actually do an extra step.

[Extra] Short it

If you want you can use a shortener to short the link. Services like Bitly, Cuttly, Rebrandly, and many others can short your link for free.

This is not a mandatory step, but we do suggest it. First, it is an extra way that you can use to track the clicks. Secondly, very long URLs are ugly, it’s better to short them.


That’s it for today! Promote yourself with Revenzer and you will be compensated for your help. Here on Revenzer, we want influencers and brands to grow together!