We are here to help both: companies and influencers. We know how hard is to bring new products into the market. We also know how hard is to monetize from a social media presence and make it a worthy activity.

We know the struggle and difficulties that young people are facing nowadays, especially financially. The lack of nice jobs, absence of a clear career path. Many jumped into the ecommerce and some are also doing very well. Others prefer to get an extra from social medias and are called broadly “influencers” although we prefer the neologism “mediapreneurs”.

Revenzer was born with a rather peculiar purpose: enhance social mobility. We are here to help new brands to grow. Coincidently, turns out that large majority of these new brands are run by young people unsatisfied of their “regular job” perspectives. On the other hand, many other young people, coincidentally as well, preferred to build a strong presence in the social medias, for roughly the same reasons: lack of growth potential in a “regular career path”. Make a social media presence a good source of income is hard, we know it and we are here to help.

 We are here to help new companies to find and satisfy new customers, and we are here to help influencer to work at a professional or semi-professional level. 

Good luck, with love

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