I would like to monetize my social but what can I sell? Here are some ideas!

Hi there, and welcome to Revenzer! Do you want to sell on Revenzer but you don’t know what services you can offer? Don’t worry, in this article, I am going to give you some ideas about services that brands and agencies are willing to buy on Revenzer.

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Post more than just 1 ad

First of all, you can, and you should post more than one single ad on Revenzer. In each ad, you can set a standard pack, a premium pack, and several add-ons.


In this video we are going to focus only on those services that you can sell as ads, we will talk about packages and add-ons in dedicated videos.

Revenzer is the marketplace where brands and agencies can buy marketing and promotional services from you. You can offer different services depending on the platform or platforms in which you are operating. For example, the services that you can offer if you are an Instagram influencer, are not the same services that you can offer if you have a big YouTube channel.

In this article, we will talk about services that can be offered if you work on the most common platforms, Instagram, YouTube, and blogs. Also, I am going to give some ideas that can be implemented by roughly every influencer. So if you operate on other platforms you will surely understand what services you can sell on Revenzer.

Before starting, remember: put more than one ad on Revenzer even if you operate on just one social media platform. Whit that said, let’s start with Instagram.

Services to sell on Instagram

If you are an Instagram influencer you are lucky! Marketing services on Instagram are the most requested by brands and agencies on Revenzer.

So what can you sell if you are an Instagram influencer? Here is a list of services just to give you some idea:

  • u(post) Picture or series of pictures
  • (post) Video
  • Story (video and/or picture)
  • Shoutout
  • Link in bio / Linktree
  • Product on your Amazon Influencer page

    *#brand or @brand or swipe-up link always included in posts and stories

The simplest thing that you can sell is to post a picture or a series of pictures of the product. The #hashtag or the @mention of the brand of course are always included in your services. Alternatively, you can post a video. You can also sell stories with swipe-up links.

You can sell shoutouts, these are very popular and usually consist of a story with a colorful background and the #hashtag or @mention of the brand. We already did an article about it (link) and we encourage you to check it out.

So far, on Instagram you can put only one link on your profile bio, you can sell that, maybe as an add-on to your services. Alternatively, many influencers are using Linktree. You can sell extra visibility to your customers simply in this way. Another service that you can sell is adding the product to your Amazon Influencer Page. We didn’t talk yet about this Amazon Program, but I am surely going to make a video about it.

Services on YouTube

Let’s talk about YouTube. Here of course you can mainly sell videos. You can actually sell a post but this format is not so popular. Therefore, you should concentrate your offer on the variety of video formats that you can sell. Here we can see the most popular formats:

  • Mention in the beginning at the end of a video
  • Unboxing video
  • Review video
  • Short (beta)
  • Creative video

The simplest thing that you can do is to make a brief mention of a brand, product, or service at the beginning of one of your videos, or at the end of it. In this case, you will not make a dedicated video but the company will sponsor the production of one of yours. Also, you usually have to put the link in the description under your video. Of course, you can use an affiliate or a referral link, so you can earn some extra money out of each sale. Sometimes companies operate inside Amazon so you can link the product on Amazon if you are an Amazon Affiliate. We do suggest the usage of a short link to allow you to track the number of clicks received on any of your affiliate links.

You can also do dedicated videos such as unboxing and full reviews. The unboxing is quite simple to produce. You should just open the pack and comment on what you have found inside. The YouTube audience loves this particular format. You can sell it alone or in a package with the full review video. Indeed, this format is used to warm up the audience before the full review video, so it’s very common to find companies willing to pay for both: the unboxing and the full review.

You can sell shorts. Although this is currently a new format and it is still in beta. It can be a good chance to wisely reuse TikTok and Instagram story videos. You can also sell any other creative video format that you have in mind.

The link on your About tab is not so popular. But you can still charge a customer to add its product to your Amazon Influencer page.

Services for Bloggers

Let’s talk about blogs. Many of our influencers also have a blog, and here are some ideas of services that you can sell. You can sell visibility with a banner although it is not so popular anymore. You will be surprised to know that out there many companies are willing to buy links from niche blogs, especially if these blogs have high Domain Authority.

We don’t have the time for SEO technicalities, let’s say that Google likes websites that are mentioned and linked by other popular websites. So in the attempt to look better at the eye of the Google Algorithms, many companies are willing to pay you to link them on your website. In SEO jargon, these are called backlinks. Agencies and companies spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year on backlink campaigns. So if you have a niche blog, or you have a high Domain Authority, you can charge a lot for these services.

In this case, companies are not willing to pay you exactly for the visibility on your website. It is not about being seen by real people but it is rather about being found linked from a good website by the Google bots. It is not about the promotional service, or how well you can write an article, rather about the Domain Authority of your website. If you want to know your metrics, the MOZ bar, and SEMRush are the two standard services use to measure it.

Other common services

We cannot cover every existing platform in just one article. In general, be always very clear on what services you technically sell. Are you selling a post, a picture, a video,  a link, or something else?

If reading the title and the description a customer cannot get what concretely you are selling, you will never sell. Generally speaking, you can always sell any service that gives visibility. Generally speaking, companies are willing to pay you to put their link or hashtag on your content or profile. And if you are inside the Amazon Influencer program, that is always an extra that you can sell.

Working as an influencer requires also the ability to create the right promotional packages to propose them to brands and agencies. So I am waiting for you in the next article where I will show you how to use the standard and premium packages of Revenzer, the marketplace where influencers and brands can grow together.