Packaging: how standard and premium packs can help you earn more from your customers

Hi there, and welcome to Revenzer. In today’s article, we are going to talk about packages. On Revenzer you can set standard and premium packages, as well as several add-ons, per ad.

The role of packages and add-ons is to make extra money out of each order. While title, images, category, keywords, and other elements have the role of intercepting a demand and attracting the customers on your ad. Description, images, and video have the role of closing the deal. Still, packages and add-ons have the role to convince the customer to spend more.

Video: Convince your customer to spend more with premium and standard packs

In the previous article (link), we talked about what services you can sell as independent ads. In this video, we will talk about what packages you can set to maximize your revenues by offering interesting bundles to your customers, and in the next video, we will focus on the add-ons.

Quantity Discounting

If you don’t have a clear idea about what premium package you can sell, or, if you don’t want to spend too much time on this point, we do suggest using a simple quantity discount.

So: 1 post for 100 euros, 3 posts for 249 euros.

You can easily see a small discount based on quantity. This is the simplest way to make a premium pack, but, you must be extra careful on the timing. So you have to specify your delivery time in the descriptions. If you don’t specify your delivery time, chances are that your customer doesn’t buy. Try to avoid confusion as much as you can.



Alternatively, you can set your packages on a continuous basis. Let’s do an example. If you have a YouTube channel you can sell the unboxing video as standard pack, and both: unboxing plus full review as premium. You can actually also charge an extra for posting the picture of the product before publishing one of those videos, just to warm up the audience first.

This kind of packaging is based on the continuation of the operations that must be performed to promote a product properly on YouTube:

  • Unboxing video.
  • Warm-up post.
  • Full review video.

These operations require continuation, one must be done after the other, therefore, they can be sold together.



You can make other bundles. They must make sense for both, your customer and your followers. So you can sell 1 story as standard. And 1 picture plus 1 story as premium.

This is just a common example with Instagram but as you can see here we are boundling up different promotional services that can go very well together.

Feel free to bundle up what you want, as long as makes sense and you give a clear and short description of it.



If you operate on several social media platforms, you can sell bundles leveraging your cross-channel presence. So, you can sell your story on Instagram only, as standard, and publish the same content as both, Instagram story and TikTok video, as premium.


Be extra clear here about how many followers you have on your socials.

If you operate on YouTube, you can also publish the same content as short. Although it is a new function, and still in beta, we believe that it has good potential.


Finally, you can use permanent, or prolonged time features for your packages. So you can sell 1 picture published on Instagram for 30 days, as standard. And 1 picture published on Instagram permanently, as premium.

It doesn’t work on every platform, and this type of packaging is not so popular, but still, it is something that you can do.



Choose wisely what packages you can sell. Remember, use a good title and a clear and short description, highlighting all the most important aspects of your packages. Also, don’t worry! If you did some mistake, if you want to do some test or, if you have found room for improvement, you can always modify your ad and intervene on your packages. So don’t be too scared to experiment and to make mistakes here.

That’s it for today! I am going to see you in the next article, where we will talk about add-ons and how also they can help you to earn more here on Revenzer, the marketplace where influencers and brands can grow together.